Hey, I’m Ben, Benny, Cappy, Cappo, Capplowski, Stevo. I’ll respond to most things yelled at me.

I’m a Melbourne based commercial photographer specialising in shooting people, usually in the face. I have a passion for shooting fun images. As well as shooting professional talent, I’ve made a name for myself by shooting real people. I love the reaction they have when they see the images we create and I get a kick out of making people do silly stuff. They’ll be excited, nervous, proud and insecure. My job is to relax them and connect with them, get their story and make them feel comfortable with me and my camera and the intimidating lights in the unfamiliar surroundings.

My latest commissions include jobs for Xero & SuperCoach while continuing to shoot for non for profit, fashion and my personal project My Dad’s My Mate.

I work out of All Time Studios, in Richmond, where i’m also a co owner of the studio.

My Dad’s My Mate is an ongoing series of portraits depicting fathers and sons celebrating their relationship. Its aim is to raise awareness of depression and related illness in Australia by capturing and sharing the experiences and insights of Australian men and their fathers. The work aims to shed positive light on the father – son relationship, and overcome any stigma attached to words ‘love you dad’ and ‘love you son’. The series has recently made the addition of an online series called “MDMM CONVERSATIONS”. The interviews show us a brief look at the dynamics between fathers and sons in Australia.

A few of my great clients…